Five Postures in Five Minutes on a Roller

In today’s world, in both East and West, finding the time every day for a complete yoga session of an hour or more is often a luxury we can’t afford. Our daily practice, if we practice at all, must be something more abridged and condensed but still have the benefits of the stretching, lengthening, limbering, and adjusting that a good yoga session can provide.  Even if we could find an hour every day for yoga practice, most of that hour would probably be better spent just relaxing, slowing down, and laying back on our bed or a recliner and allowing our depleted energy stores to be replenished.

LAZY MAN YOGA is a style that can provide the benefits of a yoga practice in a short period of time and in a way that won’t draw on our depleted energy stores. Here are five postures that can be performed in five minutes. They all utilize a firm back roller that gives support, focus, and leverage to the postures.  Each position requires a minimum degree of effort or exertion.  Gravity, the weight of our body, is the force behind these positions.  The attitude to cultivate is one of surrender.  Surrender to the roller, surrender to the force of gravity, and surrender to the position itself to let it work its magic.  This is a wise and mature approach to a yoga practice without the imposition of too much effort, exertion, strain or will power. We are learning to relax and to let go in both the performance of the more active and physical aspects of yoga and during those times when we stay very still and consciously relax.

allanrollerThe first and the central posture utilizes a firm back roller beneath the hips and the other postures flow from here.  The complete series with detailed explanations can be found in the publication “LAZY MAN YOGA” available from this website.  The Spinal Roller is also available.




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