We all, at some point in our lives, have to get over being a crybaby.  Learning to clamp down on our breathing is probably how we manage to do that or so it seems to me.  Crying and laughing mobilize the diaphragm and get it moving.  Tighten and stiffen there and we begin to get some real control over the flow of our emotions and that control is a cornerstone to our growing up and is a basic requirement.  Years ago there flourished a pop therapy called “Primal Scream” designed, I supposed, to loosen that control and get out some basic suppressed emotions.  There is dangerRead More →

  CONFESSIONS OF A BEDOPHILE  I love my bed. Sure, I love a lot of other things, and even a few people, but bed is near the top of my list. It is as close to getting back in a womb as most of us ever get. Soft, warm, comforting, inviting. A place to let go cares and woes. It is the place to relax and to drift away.  Bed carries me to a dreamland where I travel to unknown cities and meet the strangest people. My dreams are a lot more exciting than my life. I am surprised I sleep through them.  I goRead More →