If cats laugh they probably find us funny as we hustle and dash and run.  And then there are all the things we need to carry around and play with.  We’re busy, and they are amused, and like to watch it all from a distance.  So much activity and they must assume it is all so they can be kept well fed and comfortable.Read More →

I have touched on some of life’s pleasure in many of my previous writings, but I am tempted now to put together a more comprehensive overview of the Epicurean Project.  That project is really about reducing or eliminating the pain in one’s life and according to the ancient Philosopher Epicurus, on whom Epicurean philosophy is based, eliminate the pain and what is left is pleasure.  For those of us who prefer pleasure to pain this is an attractive prospect and perhaps worth a shot at what I call The Epicurean Project.  Pain can be the tension, constriction, strain, and distortions in our bodies.  Emotionally we areRead More →