There was a feature on the afternoon news yesterday about the “MELT” system.  Two very attractive, young females demonstrated how to put a foam roller under your hips and then pull the legs up with your knees towards your chest.  Using rollers has made it into the main stream it seems.  MELT is a technical acronym for what the system purports to do, which is to loosen and relax muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, improve nerve functions, and create a more open and better physical alignment.  But I like the name particularly because it also suggests what is really happening. We are melting, softening, letting go, surrendering forRead More →

LAZY MAN The Lazy Man is learning to relax. To rest and to surrender. The Lazy Man is finding his balance Between activity and rest, Between movement and stillness. “Peace, Ease, and Rest” Is his catch phrase. The Lazy Man is not looking for a fight But to end the struggle. Compassion is his religion. =Read More →