Feeling Tired?

Feeling tired?  By the time we get into our fifties and sixties we might be feeling very tired indeed. The demands of life have caught up with us and we start to slump with fatigue.  But even though we might feel tired and exhausted we can’t seem to rest.  All those demands keep demanding or so it seems. We are running on empty but we can’t stop running.   We are convinced there is no rest for the weary and never will be.  Our minds keep blaring at us “do this, do that, go here, go there”.  It often takes a disease or disability to put us off our feet, to cease our daily rounds.  So give yourself a break, indulge, and take a rest. Make it last a day or two or more.  You probably deserve it and certainly need it and if you aren’t sure what it looks like it looks like this: