Less Wrestling, More Rest, PERring

In one of my dreams last night I was attending some wrestling matches but really wasn’t interested in watching any of the matches.  I was more interested in just getting some rest, which I did, and ignored the competition of the matches.  I get rest in my dreams, take breaks, lie back, relax and feel like I am floating away and that is in a dream.  I do it in my waking life too.  We can split our lives up into two basic parts, wrestling and rest. 

Wrestling is that part of our existence where we are trying hard to attain something, where we attempt to wring health, wealth, material goods, fame and fortune out of life.  It’s a struggle and can feel like a wrestling match where every ounce of our strength and willpower needs to be employed.  We may win some and lose some in these matches, but it is always a struggle and usually feels that way. 
There is another side to life but too often it remains dormant and silent. It is our capacity for Peace, Ease, and Rest.  I like to call it PERring because it is a bit like when the cat purrs and when she is at ease and rest.  These are the times when we do not struggle, when we are not attempting to wrest and wring something out of existence.  No tying ourselves into knots but allowing for a natural ease and flow.  Maybe we can stretch a little like the cat does, quite unselfconsciously, without the thought that it is an exercise that does us some good.  Do you feel tired?  Surrender to the fatigue.  Rest for an hour, do nothing, go nowhere, give up the clawing, climbing, struggling to attain and achieve. Give up, for just a little while, all that effort and strain to make yourself bigger, better, smarter, richer, wiser or more good and moral. 
Maybe it can only happen in a dream, PERring like that.  Where all the arousal and agitation of our lives disappears and we feel a real inner Peace, Ease, Rest.  Find your balance.  It isn’t all about struggle.  Learn to PER.  Allan