Polarity and Altered States

Our brain can be experienced as a sponge and that sponge can be squeezed and pressurized and needs blood and energy to function.  There is a whole system of body awareness and bodywork called “Polarity” that focuses on where the energy and charge is located in the body and being able to manipulate it.  Often our brain “pole” is charged and energized and needs to be to function, but there are times when it is necessary to discharge and drain the brain, sleep is one of the opportunities and deep rest and relaxation is another.  The sensation can be one of cooling and depressurizing the head if there is any sensation at all.  In another relaxation technique called “autogenic training” the body feels heavy and immobile and eventually there is a sensation of cooling in the forehead.  These experiences of deep rest and relaxation can be called altered states because they are different from what we usually experience when we are awake.  Allan