The Epicurean Project

I have touched on some of life’s pleasure in many of my previous writings, but I am tempted now to put together a more comprehensive overview of the Epicurean Project.  That project is really about reducing or eliminating the pain in one’s life and according to the ancient Philosopher Epicurus, on whom Epicurean philosophy is based, eliminate the pain and what is left is pleasure.  For those of us who prefer pleasure to pain this is an attractive prospect and perhaps worth a shot at what I call The Epicurean ProjectPain can be the tension, constriction, strain, and distortions in our bodies.  Emotionally we are needy, angry, sad, despairing.  Perhaps we have some vague notions that there must be some kind of salvation to seek to end our suffering, and we may look to politics, religion, fame, or fortune as being that salvation.  If they prove not to be our salvation, then at least they might serve as good distractions from our pain and suffering.  Yet if we want more than just distractions, then the real pain, ingrained as it might be, needs to be seriously reduced or eliminated.  That would be the Epicurean Project and I am tempted to have a go at spelling that out.  Perhaps I should first put some of the finishing touches on that project for myself before attempting that spelling.  Or maybe I have already spelled it out.