What Animals Know and We Have Forgotten

From my “Hip Series” pamphlet.  Allan


Besides walking, stretching may be the easiest and most natural form of exercise. Exercise may not even be a good word to describe stretching. Most animals stretch and relax naturally in the course of their daily activities. An animal probably does not think in terms of this or that exercise is good for me so I’ll do it. Animals move and stretch because it feels right to them and they enjoy doing it. If they didn’t enjoy or get satisfaction out of it, they probably would not do it. Animals have a kind of body wisdom that humans often lack.
Have you ever seen a cat get up from a nap? It will stretch out its front legs until its chest touches the floor, and then may stretch out its back legs till its belly touches the floor. Then, if it feels so inclined, it may arch up its back and hold the position for a second and then go about its daily business. What a quick and perfect treatment this is. No strain or exertion, no need for special instruction, this is a basic response to a felt need. What do animals know that we have forgotten?